Donald Trump Is Mysteriously Quiet On Hedge Funds All Of A Sudden

And what is now Donald’s stance on Wall Street since there is a New York primary today?….Silence…

Huffington Post:

NEW YORK — Donald Trump was full of bluster and vitriol when he talked about the financial industry eight months ago. He accused hedge funds of using the tax code to “[get] away with murder.”

Trump’s bare-bones tax plan called for eliminating the carried interest loophole, which lowers the taxes of super-rich private equity investors by billions of dollars a year.

“They’re paying nothing. And it’s ridiculous,” Trump said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” in August. “Half of them, look, they’re energetic, they’re very smart, but a lot of them, it’s like they’re paper pushers. They make a fortune, they pay no tax. It’s ridiculous, OK?”

But as Trump turned to campaigning in the center of the financial world leading up to the New York primary, his anti-Wall Street rhetoric all but ceased.

The shift is “a crass political calculation based on the industries that are in and around New York City,” Rick Tyler, a former spokesman for rival candidate Ted Cruz, told HuffPost.

“He can’t be in midtown Manhattan launching attacks on hedge funds and not expect that to have a negative effect on him,” said Doug Heye, the former head of communications for the Republican National Committee.

Trump’s silence could also be financially savvy.

Longer-term, he might not be able to afford to impugn Wall Street. The GOP front-runner says he self-funding his campaign, but everything from the “donate” button on his campaign website to his fundraising filings with the Federal Election Commission show this isn’t entirely true. Most of his personal wealth is illiquid — locked up in real estate and business ventures — so even if he wanted to fund his campaign all by himself, it’d be tough.

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