File] Panama Henry Tang, Secretary for illegally concealed offshore companies reporting systems

From (translated in English):

  • “Hong Kong 01” made part of the Panama file, found secret files show, Mr Henry Tang took office in 2002, Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology 3, the company has owned a 50% stake in the airport business, to be transferred to the trust on behalf of his father held, Mr Henry Tang, is a beneficiary of the trust, after Tang no declaration that the company owns.

  • Since the Executive Council and the declaration of interests accountable officials are specified officials to declare a substantial interest in investment, a lawyer, said Henry Tang, secret files show only in trust by the father had held with half of the company shares in the airport business, Don legal the substance is still the owner, so Don did not declare the company, is a violation of the reporting and accountability mechanisms guild officials.

  • Members of the Legislative Council accountancy profession Mr Kenneth Leung also that, according to available evidence, Mr Henry Tang, in clear violation of the above-mentioned reporting mechanism that requires Tang publicly explain events.


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