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From Germany to the US, authorities want access to Panama Papers

German states have called for media outlets to release the cache of 11.5 million documents to authorities. But the journalists behind the largest data leak in history say it’s not going to happen.

Germany’s federal states on Friday called for increased measures against tax havens and for media outlets to allow prosecutors to examine the contents of a cache of 11.5 million documents leaked to the press known as the “Panama Papers.”

“If the data sets from the ‘Panama Papers’ are not made accessible, then we cannot draw any consequences,” said Lower Saxony’s Finance Minister Peter-Jürgen Schneider, reported Reuters news agency.

However, the Munich-based newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung’s (SZ) investigative unit on Tuesday said it would not handover the cache nor would it publish the leak online, despite calls to do so by government officials and representatives of whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks.

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Panama raids Mossack Fonseca property, seizes shredded papers

Panamanian investigators on Friday raided a property used by Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the center of a massive leak of offshore financial data, removing bags full of shredded documents as evidence, a local prosecutor said.

“We have secured a large amount of evidence found in the location,” said organized crime investigator Javier Caraballo.

He said they also found many shredded papers, which they removed as evidence.

In a statement, Mossack Fonseca said it had digitized all its documents and that the shredded papers taken from its premises were bound for recycling. The law firm added that as a result of a previous search, prosecutors already had copies of all the documents they removed on Friday.

Leaks from the Panama-based law firm, dubbed the “Panama Papers,” have embarrassed several world leaders and shone a spotlight on the shadowy world of offshore companies.

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