Donald Trump Flip Flops On Taxing The Wealthy

“I am willing to pay more, and you know what, the wealthy are willing to pay more.”

Huffington Post:

Trump’s tax proposal, released last September, included broad tax breaks for businesses and households. He proposed reducing the highest income-tax rate to 25 percent from the current 39.6 percent rate.

Pressed on the contradiction between his latest comments on taxes and the September tax plan, Trump said that he expected his original proposal was a “a concept” and he expected that it would be changed following negotiations with Congress.

“By the time it gets negotiated, it’s going to be a different plan,” Trump told ABC. He emphasized in interviews with both ABC and in a separate interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” that his priorities were lowering taxes on the middle class and businesses.

“The middle class has to be protected,” Trump told NBC. “The rich is probably going to end up paying more.” (Additional reporting by Dustin Volz; Editing by Caren Bohan and Digby Lidstone)

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