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Trump Named In The Panama Papers 3,540 Times!

It’s worst that I suspected as Trump appears more in the Panama Papers scandal database that I posted a few days ago..US media cannot ignored this latest and need to press the Donald on this issue as well as releasing his tax returns…

Telesur reports that Herr Trump’s name is linked to a whopping 32 offshore companies, including the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama.His name appears 3,540 times in the database, but we should note that this doesn’t mean he was directly involved, as his name and branding has been sold to other investors. Nevertheless, the Donald needs to explain to the public as he is seeking the highest office in the nation.

Telesur reports:

The leaked documents show that the Trump empire is linked to 32 offshore companies, including the real estate project Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower in Panama.

His name appears 3,540 times in the database, but according to media reports that doesn’t mean he is directly involved since Trump has sold his name to other investors in different countries.

And of course, Trump’s name is on any and every product he can possibly slap a “Trump” label on. See full list here:

  • Sentient Jets LLC (Now/Known/As Trump Jets LLC)
  • T International Realty LLC (dba Trump International Realty)
  • The Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc.
  • The Trump Corporation
  • The Trump Follies Member Inc.
  • The Trump Equitable Fifth Avenue Company
  • Trump 106 CPS LLC
  • Trump 55 Wall Corp
  • Trump 767 Management LLC
  • Trump 845 LP LLC
  • Trump 845 UN GP LLC
  • Trump 846 UN MGR Corp
  • Trump 846 UN MGR LLC fka 845 UN LLC
  • Trump AC Casino Marks LLC
  • Trump AC Casino Marks Member Corp
  • Trump Acquisition Corp.
  • Trump Acquisition, LLC
  • Trump Books LLC
  • Trump Books Manager Corp
  • Trump Brazil LLC
  • Trump Briarcliff Manor Development LLC formerly Briar Hall Development LLC
  • Trump Canadian Services Inc
  • Trump Canouan Estate LLC
  • Trump Canouan Estate Member Corp
  • Trump Caribbean LLC
  • Trump Carousel LLC
  • Trump Carousel Member Corp
  • Trump Central Park West Corp
  • Trump Chicago Commercial Member Corp
  • Trump Chicago Commercial Manager LLC
  • Trump Chicago Development LLC
  • Trump Chicago Hotel Member Corp
  • Trump Chicago Hotel Manager LLC
  • Trump Chicago Managing Member LLC
  • Trump Chicago Member LLC
  • Trump Chicago Residential Member Corp
  • Trump Chicago Residential Manager LLC
  • Trump Chicago Retail LLC
  • Trump Chicago Retail Manager LLC
  • Trump Chicago Retail Member Corp
  • Trump Classic Cars LLC
  • Trump Classic Cars Member Corp
  • Trump Commercial Chicago LLC
  • Trump Cozumel Corp
  • Trump Cozumel LLC
  • Trump CPS Corp
  • Trump CPS LLC
  • Trump Delmonico LLC
  • Trump Development Services LLC
  • Trump Development Services Member Corp.
  • Trump Drinks Israel Holdings LLC
  • Trump Drinks Israel Holdings Member Corp
  • Trump Drinks Israel LLC
  • Trump Drinks Israel Member Corp
  • Trump Education ULC
  • Trump Empire State, Inc.
  • Trump Endeavor 12 LLC
  • Trump Endeavor 12 Manager Corp
  • Trump EU Marks Member LLC
  • Trump EU Marks Member Corp
  • The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC (fka Trump University CA LLC)
  • Trump Ferry Point LLC
  • Trump Ferry Point Member Corp
  • Trump Florida Management LLC
  • Trump Florida Manager Corp.
  • The Trump Follies LLC
  • Trump Fort Lee LLC
  • Trump Fort Lee Member Corp
  • Trump Golf Acquisition LLC
  • Trump Golf Coco Beach LLC
  • Trump Golf Coco Beach Member Corp
  • Trump Golf Management LLC
  • Trump Home Marks
  • Trump Home Marks Member Corp
  • Trump Ice LLC
  • Trump Ice Inc
  • Trump Identity LLC
  • Trump Identity Member Corp
  • Trump International Development LLC
  • Trump International Development Member Corp
  • Trump International Golf Club LC
  • Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited
  • Trump International Golf Club Inc.
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower Condominium
  • Trump International Hotel Hawaii LLC
  • Trump International Hotels Management LLC
  • Trump International Management Corp
  • Trump Kelowna LLC
  • Trump Kelowna Member Corp.
  • Trump Korean Projects LLC
  • Trump Las Olas LLC
  • Trump Las Olas Member Corp
  • Trump Las Vegas Corp.
  • Trump Las Vegas Development LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Managing Member LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Managing Member II LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Marketing and Sales LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Member LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Member II LLC
  • Trump Las Vegas Sales & Marketing Inc.
  • Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas Unit Owners Association
  • Trump Lauderdale Development 2 LLC
  • Trump Lauderdale Development LLC
  • Trump Management Inc
  • Trump Marketing LLC
  • Trump Marks Asia Corp
  • Trump Marks Asia LLC
  • Trump Marks Atlanta LLC
  • Trump Marks Atlanta Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Baja Corp
  • Trump Marks Baja LLC
  • Trump Marks Batumi LLC
  • Trump Marks Batumi Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Beverages Corp
  • Trump Marks LLC
  • Trump Marks Canouan Corp
  • Trump Marks Canouan LLC
  • Trump Marks Chicago LLC
  • Trump Marks Chicago Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Cozumel Corp
  • Trump Marks Cozumel LLC
  • Trump Marks Dubai Corp
  • Trump Marks Dubai LLC
  • Trump Marks Egypt Corp
  • Trump Marks Egypt LLC
  • Trump Marks Fine Foods LLC
  • Trump Marks Fine Foods Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Ft. Lauderdale LLC
  • Trump Marks Ft. Lauderdale Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Golf Swing LLC
  • Trump Marks Golf Swing Member Corp
  • Trump Marks GP Corp
  • Trump Marks Holding LP (FKA Trump Marks LP)
  • Trump Marks Hollywood Corp
  • Trump Marks Hollywood LLC
  • Trump Marks Istanbul II Corp.
  • Trump Marks Istanbul II LLC
  • Trump Marks Jersey City Corp.
  • Trump Marks Jersey City LLC
  • Trump Marks Las Vegas Corp
  • Trump Marks Las Vegas LLC
  • Trump Marks LLC
  • Trump Marks Magazine Corp
  • Trump Marks Magazine LLC
  • Trump Marks Mattress LLC
  • Trump Marks Mattress Member Corp.
  • Trump Marks Menswear LLC
  • Trump Marks Menswear Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Mortoaoe Corp.
  • Trump Marks Mtg LLC
  • Trump Marks Mumbai LLC
  • Trump Marks Mumbai Member Corp
  • Trump Marks New Orleans Corp
  • Trump Marks New Orleans LLC
  • Trump Marks New Rochelle Corp.
  • Trump Marks New Rochelle LLC
  • Trump Marks Palm Beach Corp
  • Trump Marks Palm Beach LLC
  • Trump Marks Panama Corp
  • Trump Marks Panama LLC
  • Trump Marks Philadelphia Corp
  • Trump Marks PhiladelPhia LLC
  • Trump Marks Philippines LLC
  • Trump Marks Phil ippine s Corp
  • Trump Marks Products LLC
  • Trump Marks Products Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Puerto Rico I LLC
  • Trump Marks Puerto Rico I Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Puerto Rico II LLC
  • Trump Marks Puerto Rico II Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Punta del Este LLC
  • Trump Marks Punta del Este Manager Corp
  • The Donald J. Trump Company LLC
  • The Trump Marks Real Estate Corp
  • Trump Marks Real Estate LLC
  • Trump Marks SOHO License Corp
  • Trump Marks SOHO LLC
  • Trump Marks South Africa LLC
  • Trump Marks South Africa Member Corp
  • Trump Marks Stamford Corp
  • Trump Marks Stamford LLC
  • Trump Marks Sunny Isles I LLC
  • Trump Marks Sunny Isles I Member Corp.
  • Trump Marks Sunny Isles II LLC
  • Trump Marks Sunny Isles II Member Corp.
  • Trump Marks Tampa Corp
  • Trump Marks Tampa LLC
  • Trump Marks Toronto Corp
  • Trump Marks Toronto LLC
  • Trump Marks Toronto LP (formally Trump Toronto Management LP)
  • Trump Marks Waikiki Corp
  • Trump Marks Waikiki LLC
  • Trump Marks Westchester Corp.
  • Trump Marks Westchester LLC
  • Trump Marks White Plains Corp
  • Trump Marks White Plains LLC
  • Trump Miami Resort Management LLC
  • Trump Miami Resort Management Member Corp
  • Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck LLC
  • Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck Member Corp
  • Trump National Golf Club LLC
  • Trump National Golf Club Member Corp
  • Trump National Golf Club Washington DC LLC
  • Trump National Golf Club Washington DC Member Corp
  • Trump Ocean Manager Inc.
  • Trump Ocean Managing Member LLC
  • Trump Old Post Office LLC
  • Trump On the Ocean LLC
  • Trump Organization LLC
  • The Trump Organization, Inc.
  • Trump Pageants, Inc.
  • Trump Palace Condominium
  • Trump Palace/Parc LLC
  • Trump Panama Condominium Management LLC
  • Trump Panama Condominium Member Corp
  • Trump Panama Hotel Management LLC
  • Trump Panama Hotel Management Member Corp LLC
  • Trump Parc East Condominium
  • Trump Park Avenue Acquisition LLC
  • Trump Park Avenue LLC
  • Trump Payroll Chicago LLC
  • Trump Payroll Corp.
  • Trump Phoenix Development LLC
  • Trump Plaza LLC
  • Trump Plaza Member Inc. fka Trump Plaza Corp.
  • Trump Procida Fort Lee LLC
  • Trump Productions LLC (former Rancho Lien LLC)
  • Trump Production Managing Member Inc
  • Trump Project Management Corp.
  • Trump Properties LLC
  • Trump Realty Services, LLC (fka Trump Mortgage Services LLC (03) & Tower Mortgage Services LLC)
  • Trump Restaurants LLC
  • Trump RHF Corp
  • Trump Riverside Management LLC
  • Trump Ruffin Commercial LLC
  • Trump Ruffin LLC
  • Trump Ruffin Tower I LLC
  • Trump Sales & Leasing Chicago LLC
  • Trump Sales & Leasing Chicago Member Corp
  • Trump Scotland Member Inc
  • Trump Scotsborough Square LLC
  • Trump Scotsborough Square Member Corp.
  • Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium New York
  • Trump Soho Member LLC
  • Trump Toronto Development Inc
  • Trump Toronto Hotel Management Corp.
  • Trump Toronto Member Corp. (formaly Trump Toronto Management Member Corp)
  • Trump Tower Commercial LLC
  • Trump Tower Condominium Residential Section
  • Trump Tower Managing Member Inc
  • Trump Village Construction Corp.
  • Trump Vineyard Estates LLC
  • Trump Vineyard Estates Manager Corp.
  • Trump Vineyard Estates Lot 3 Owner LLC (fka Eric Trump Land Holdings LLC)
  • Trump Virginia Acquisitions LLC (fka Virginia Acquisitions LLC)
  • Trump Virginia Acquisitions Manager Corp
  • Trump Virginia Lot 5 LLC
  • Trump Virginia Lot 5 Manager Corp.
  • Trump Wine Marks LLC
  • Trump Wine Marks Member Corp.
  • Trump World Productions LLC y LLC
  • Trump World Productions Manager Corp
  • Trump World Publications LLC
  • Trump/New World Property Management LLC
  • Trump Castle Management Corp
  • Trump Marks White Plains Corp
  • Trump RHF Corp
  • The Donald J. Trump grantor Trust – DJT is the Trustee Successor – Trustee is Donald J. Trump, Jr.
  • The Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust

Expect the Donald to deny any involvement or any ties in the Panama Papers scandal. The Donald can clear that up: Show us your taxes Donnie:


Fired Citigroup FX Trader Tells Tokyo Court He Was Scapegoat

  • Former employee is suing Citigroup in Japan over dismissal
  • Citigroup claims trader violated internal code of conduct

A former Citigroup Inc. trader in Japan who was fired for allegedly trying to manipulate foreign-exchange rates in violation of internal policy told a Tokyo court he was made a scapegoat and his actions were condoned by his employer, echoing claims made by several ex-Citigroup employees in courts in other parts of the world.

The former trader, who is suing the New York-based bank for wrongful dismissal, said he never received any warnings from Citigroup when he carried out transactions to defend its positions in options contracts, according to a summary of his arguments submitted to the Tokyo District Court on March 23. Bloomberg News viewed the 20-page document along with other court papers after obtaining permission from the court. The plaintiff’s lawyer asked that his name not be published.

Former Citigroup traders in London and Singapore who were dismissed during the global probe into foreign-exchange manipulation have sued the bank in recent months, saying the behavior that got them fired was common at the company. Citigroup has maintained that it fired the traders for breaching its code of conduct. The Japan case comes in a country where authorities have yet to punish any bank for foreign-exchange rigging — a practice that has saddled banks globally with about $10 billion in fines.

Read on.

Independent Community Banker CEO: Dimon wants to turn America into ‘Jamieville’



The community banking lobbyist whom Jamie Dimon called a “jerk” fired back Thursday, likening the JPMorgan CEO to the villainous banker in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Camden Fine, CEO of the industry group Independent Community Bankers of America, said Dimon is channeling his inner Mr. Potter, the big banker from the classic Frank Capra movie who sought to undermine the underdog loan provider George Bailey.

“I guess we found out yesterday that if you have a policy disagreement with Mr. Dimon, you’re a jerk,” Fine told CNBC’s “Squawk Box”.

“Mr. Potter said something akin to that to George Bailey in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ because Potter wanted to turn Bedford Falls into Potterville. I guess Jamie wants to turn America into Jamieville,” Fine said.


On Thursday, Fine said large banks should push their agenda through Congress on the merits. He said the regulatory relief small and community banks are pursuing has broad bipartisan support, while too-big-to-fail banks face a tougher partisan divide.

He noted that less than 2 percent of the nation’s banks control more than 70 percent of the country’s financial assets. He said that creates an uneven system in which small banks are suffering the regulatory consequences of the Wall Street excess that led to the financial crisis.

“You have to understand from a community bank point of view that nearly every regulation under which we suffer was triggered by some egregious act or legal violation by a mega-bank,” he said.

Dimon: ‘We’re Going To Satisfy The Regulators’

super dimon

So opined JPMorgan’s head, Jamie Dimon, during a Wednesday (May 11) chat on CNBC, in which he commented that some asset classes are seeing growth. He added: “Bond markets seem to be rather wide open. There is a lot of M&A chatter. It’s obviously far better in April and May than it was in January and February.”

“The name of the game is faster, cheaper and better for our customers,” he stated.

With a nod toward the election that is speeding along to voting in November: “I’m hoping whoever becomes president, the American economy continues to do well. I do think if the next president does the right things around immigration, corporate and individual tax reform, proper infrastructure spending, America will be booming.”

In reference to regulations directly impacting the banking industry, Dimon promised that “we’re going to satisfy the regulators” and noted: “When I travel around America, I get a huge amount of complaints about regulation. Small business, middle market, large companies. I mean there is no question that it is part of what is slowing down the American economy.” He added that the next president should “look at them and clean them up.”

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Internet inequality: Rich people have access to high-speed Internet; many poor people still don’t

Great job by The Center of Public Integrity of reporting this piece of inequality in this country.

GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Virginia — Ever since Curtis Brown Jr. got his first Star Wars toy as a toddler, he has been fascinated by action figures. So much so that he has built a business customizing action figures for clients worldwide. But what could be a lucrative career has turned into an exercise in futility that traps Brown and his family in poverty.

That’s because Brown struggles every day with miserable Internet service. The only choice where he currently lives is an $80-a-month satellite connection. It’s slow and comes with such a low data cap that he exceeds it within a week or two. So Brown’s business comes to a halt. He can’t afford to buy more data. He can’t use his smartphone because the service is so bad he has to go outside to get a signal, and it’s too cumbersome to update the many websites he uses to conduct his business.

The constant interruptions limit Brown to about $400 a month in profit. Even with his wife Ashley’s income from an administrative job with the county’s education department, Brown and his three stepchildren have to rely on help from relatives and food stamps to make ends meet. Brown would move if he could, but houses with fast Internet connections are in areas where the rent is too expensive.

An isolated case? Not at all. An investigation by the Center for Public Integrity found that even though Internet access has improved in recent years, families in poor areas are almost five times more likely not to have access to high-speed broadband than the most affluent American households. That means no access to online jobs, and no access to health care advice, education, government services and banking — everything needed to be a full participant in today’s society. This harsh reality has led to a new kind of segregation.

“Internet access,” says James Lane, superintendent of Goochland County Public Schools, “is the civil rights issue of our time.”

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Wall Street under fire from Hollywood in new Jodie Foster-directed film

Another Wall Street movie. The movie “Money Monster” coming to a theatre near you….


Sony Pictures Entertainment’s SNE, +5.27%  “Money Monster,” a financial thriller directed by Jodie Foster, will hit about 3,000 theaters Friday. The film, starring George Clooney — as a Jim Cramer-like financial TV host — Julia Roberts and Jack O’Connell, delves into the high-stakes, sometimes-corrupt world of global financial markets.

“Money Monster,” which carried a $27 million production budget, holds no punches in bashing Wall Street and the financial media for their roles in manipulating and lying to a generally unknowing general public. The film debuted to the world during the Cannes Film Festival in France on Thursday and has received rather mundane reviews, including a 69% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The Hollywood Reporter said it was a pretty ordinary film about an extraordinary predicament.

I Saw Trump’s Tax Returns. You Should, Too.



For anyone who had whiplash after all of this, Trump offered some comfort by reaffirming that whenever he might release his returns, there wouldn’t be anything of value to be discovered there anyway.

“You learn very little from a tax return,” he told Fox News.

Actually, as someone who saw Trump’s federal tax returns about a decade ago as part of a legal action in which he sued me for libel (the suit was later dismissed), I think there probably are some things to be learned from them.

The tax returns my lawyers and I reviewed were sealed, and a court order prevents me from speaking or writing about the specifics of what I saw. I can say that Trump routinely delayed — for months on end — producing those documents, and when they finally arrived they were so heavily redacted that they looked like crossword puzzles. The litigation ran on for five years, and during that time we had to petition the court to compel Trump to hand over unredacted versions of the tax returns — which he ultimately did. 

So despite Trump’s statements to the contrary, here are some general questions that a full release of at least several years of his tax returns might usefully answer:

1) Income: Trump has made the size of his fortune a centerpiece of his presidential campaign, implying that it’s a measure of his success as a businessman. He has also correctly noted that the income shown on his tax returns isn’t a reflection of his total wealth. Even so, income is a basis for assessing some of the foundations of any individual’s wealth — and would certainly reflect the financial wherewithal of the businesses in which Trump is involved.

After Fortune’s Shawn Tully dug into Trump’s financial disclosures with the Federal Election Commission and an accompanying personal balance sheet his campaign released, he noted in March that Trump “appears to have overstated his income, by a lot, which could be the reason he has so far tried to avoid releasing his returns.” Tully said that Trump apparently boosted his income in the documents by conflating his various businesses’ revenue with his personal income. Trump didn’t respond to Tully’s assessment, but he could clear up all of that by releasing his tax returns. 

2) Business Activities: Trump has long claimed that his company, the Trump Organization, employs thousands of people. He has also criticized Fortune 500 companies for operating businesses overseas at the expense of jobs for U.S. workers. Trump’s returns would show how active he and his businesses are globally — and would help substantiate the actual size and scope of his operation.

3) Charitable Giving: Trump has said that he’s a generous benefactor to a variety of causes — especially war veterans — even though it’sbeen hard to find concrete evidence to support the assertion. Otherexamples of major philanthropic largess from Trump have also been elusive. Trump could release his tax returns and put the matter to rest.

4) Tax Planning: There’s been global attention focused on the issue of how politicians and the wealthy use tax havens and shell companies to possibly hide parts of their fortunes from authorities. If released, Trump’s returns would make clear whether or not he used such vehicles.

5) Transparency and Accountability: Trump is seeking the most powerful office in the world. Some of the potential conflicts of interest or financial pressures that may arise if he reaches the White House would get an early airing in a release of his tax returns.

For the last 40 years, presidential candidates have released their returns. Trump, of course, has portrayed himself as the un-candidate, the guy who bucks convention. But disclosing tax returns is a valuable political tradition that’s well worth preserving.

Ex-NY Senate Leader Skelos Gets 5 Years For Graft

Another one bites the dust.. Another NY Gov. Cuomo’s BFF’s goes to jail…

Law360, New York (May 12, 2016, 12:10 PM ET) — A Manhattan federal judge hit former New York State Senate leader Dean Skelos with a five-year prison sentence and a $500,000 fine for corruption Thursday, nine days after his former Albany counterpart Sheldon Silver got 12 years for taking kickbacks on a larger scale.

Former New York Senate majority leader Dean Skelos arrives to court in Manhattan May 12, where he was sentenced to five years in prison and hit with a $500,000 fine. (Credit: AP) A short time later Manhattan U.S. District Judge Kimba M….

Source: Law360

Texas Realtor makes waves with Facebook post appealing to anti-Trump homeowners

Oh wow, people are willing to leave this country if Donald Trump becomes president?

Offers to sell your house if Trump presidency drives you out of the country

Whether it’s real or imagined, there’s at least the perception that some people in the U.S. would actually leave this country if Donald Trump wins the election later this year and becomes president.

And if this supposed wave of Americans does indeed flee Trump’s America, one Texas Realtor is ready and willing to help local residents sell their homes.

According to an article this week from the Guardian, a recent poll showed that approximately 20% of Americans would actually consider moving out of the country to avoid President Trump.

That article in the Guardian also reveals a new “matchmaking service” that’s designed to help the supposedly fleeing Americans find a Canadian partner that they can share their life with once they take up residence in the Great White North.

From the Guardian:

Maple Match is a matchmaking service like none other. In the words of its website, it “makes it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency”. The app, in other words, wants to help Trump-averse singles find love – and perhaps a new country to call home.

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More banks found in ICIJ offshore leak database

Linked To Data From
Suntrust Banks Trust Co.(Cayman), Ltd. as trustee of the CorreaBorja Trust Cayman Islands Panama Papers



Incorporation Jurisdiction Linked To Data From
The Royal Bank of Scotland Undetermined Not identified Offshore Leaks


Incorporation Jurisdiction Linked To Data From
Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited Undetermined Not identified Offshore Leaks
Royal Bank of Canada Trust Company (Jersey) Ltd Undetermined Not identified Offshore Leaks


Incorporation Jurisdiction Linked To Data From
PNC Trust 14-JUL-2000 Undetermined Not identified Offshore Leaks

And I found Bain Capital in the database…

Linked To Data From