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Dilbert creator: ‘Crazy clown’ Trump has fooled voters into thinking he’s qualified to be president

And Scott Adams, Dilbert creator is spot on Trump’s strategy use to hoodwink and program his audience, voters and the media with a masterful use of tactics of messaging in order to win the Presidency as he explains to Bill Maher on Maher’s show. Maher and Adams discuss how Trump has “branded” rivals in the Presidential race on both political parties with nicknames such as  “Little Marco,” “Low Energy Jeb Bush,” “Lying Ted Cruz”, “Crazy Bernie”, “Crooked Hillary,” etc. simplifying his message for audiences, voters, and media more interested in insults instead of facts or details. Adams called Trump’s strategy, “persuasion perfection.”

Feds fight to prevent Clinton deposition in email case

The Obama administration is trying to prevent former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from being deposed in an ongoing open records case connected to her use of a private email server.

Late Thursday evening, the Justice Department filed a court motion opposing the Clinton deposition request from conservative legal watchdog Judicial Watch, claiming that the organization was trying to dramatically expand the scope of the lawsuit.

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On side note: Judicial Watch organization has a history going after the Clintons as far back as the ’90’s.


A recent investigation into bid-rigging at public foreclosures raises an interesting question: Should citizens have a right to presumed privacy in public places? The San Francisco FBI thinks not. Federal agents hid microphones around three courthouses in the city in the hopes of getting an upper hand.

The case itself is relatively simple. Real estate investors stand accused of agreeing to keep auction bids on foreclosed properties low by not outbidding each other in court. Allegedly, they then would share profits on property purchased at reduced prices. A sting operation led to 50 convictions in California and is still going strong. Now they’re going after Michael Marr.

Marr is an investor who, along with his associates, has bought up hundreds of properties throughout California. Some were flipped, others were rented out. The investors made out like bandits. There are no underdogs in this story.

FBI agents hid recording devices in order to catch conversations between investors during those public auctions, which are held on the literal courthouse steps. Surveillance didn’t stop there. Bugs were installed near a courthouse bus stop. A backpack was bugged and planted near an indoor statue. Microphones were left on parked cars, roving cars, up a pole and in bushes.

The public first learned about the public FBI surveillance in conjunction with a foreclosure fraudsting operation last year. The FBI attempted to use some of the audio collected outside of the San Mateo courthouse as evidence against several investors. The investors protested, claiming that the audio had been illegally obtained.

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Tension boiled over after the latest rally in Donald Trump’s campaign through California.

Everywhere Trump goes, trouble is there. There were no problems when Bill Clinton held a rally in San Diego last weekend.And Bernie Sanders held two rallies in San Diego last weekend too. No problems there. Also, Sanders held a rally at San Diego Convention Center in March of this year, the same place in which Trump has held his rally on Friday.


Huffington Post:

A Donald Trump rally in San Diego resulted in clashes Friday night between anti-Trump protesters, Trump supporters and police, leading to at least a dozen arrests. 

Thousands of people converged at the San Diego Convention Center, where the presumptive Republican presidential candidate was speaking. As Trump supporters left the venue around 5 p.m., protesters confronted them. 

Well, Trump has been run out of the state of California. Where is Trump heading?: DC at a motorcycle rally for the Memorial weekend. Meanwhile, Clinton will have fundraisers in California next week. As for Sanders, he will still be in California holding scheduled rallies between now through Memorial Day on Monday.

The Trump Tower Is Up for Sale in Toronto — And It Might Lose Its Famous Name

As Donald Trump continues to make his ascent in US politics, having secured enough delegates to capture the Republican presidential nomination, his presence in the Toronto skyline is in danger of being erased as the owners of his namesake hotel look for someone to take the property off their hands.

The Trump International Hotel & Tower, which houses 261 hotel units and 118 condo units, has been on the market for about a year, and according to the lawyer for the real estate company that owns the building, a deal is currently in the works.

“A letter of intent has been signed, and they’re doing their due diligence,” said Symon Zucker, who represents owner of Talon International Development Inc., Alex Schnaider.

Zucker wouldn’t reveal the identity of the bidder, but says it’s surprising that efforts to sell the building, which has been marketed actively for the past while, are suddenly newsworthy.

Shnaider and Raiffeisen Bank International, which loaned his company $310 million — $260 million went into default last summer — for the construction of the 65-storey building, could also put the tower into creditor protection and terminate their contract with the Trump-owned management company that operates the hotel.

While Trump has no ownership stake in the property, he and his family were highly visible in its marketing during construction, and he owns Trump Toronto Hotel Management, which takes care of its reservations, marketing, and housekeeping.

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Revolving door: Kathleen Zadareky, FHA’s head of single-family housing, leaving for SunTrust

Kathleen Zadareky, who currently serves as the deputy assistant secretary for single-family housing for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, will soon leave that position and join the private sectorwith SunTrust Mortgage.

In her role at HUD, Zadareky oversaw all aspects of the Federal Housing Administration’s single-family housing operation, including origination, servicing, property disposition and program compliance.

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