Plaintiffs’ attorney in Trump U lawsuit slams Trump as bombastic bully

SAN DIEGO (CN) – A plaintiffs’ attorney in the Trump University class action on Wednesday accused Donald Trump of tainting the jury pool “with dozens of nationally-publicized speeches denigrating the claims against him and championing his hollow defense.”
Attorney Jason Forge filed a motion in opposition to Trump’s attempt to suppress videotaped depositions he gave in December last year and January this year. In the 23-page motion filed in Federal Court on Wednesday, Forge accuses Trump of bombastic bullying and using the platform of a presidential race to try to undermine the fair procedure of the trial.
“When Donald J. Trump proclaimed that, ‘I love the poorly educated,’ what he really meant was, ‘I love the poorly informed,'” Forge wrote in the motion. “Ignorance is his greatest ally, and it is the linchpin of his unprecedented national campaign to condemn the integrity of these proceedings and cast himself as the victim of an ‘unfair’ case and process.”

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The parties are slated to argue the case in front of Curiel on July 13 in San Diego.

Here is the court document. Click here.

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