Out on Bail, Man Now Sets Up Super PAC Supporting Hillary Clinton

This is why super PACs need to be eliminated. The same man who created a pro Sanders super PAC that was arrested for fraud is now creating a pro Clinton super PAC. It makes me wonder if this is politically motivated…

Cary Peterson spent all of May behind bars in New Jersey, arrested for securities fraud and sending handwritten complaints to the district court about the difficulty of using prison phones.

He spent June getting out on bail and creating a new super PAC.

Peterson first made headlines last year as the “chairman of a hybrid super PAC called Ready for Bernie Sanders 2016. After the organization came under fire from both the Sanders campaign and the Federal Election Commission for misleading voters, Peterson caught even more heat — this time from the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission: He was arrested in March on multiple counts of fraud related to his business dealings in a trail of deceit that started years before his involvement in presidential politics. Now out on bail and under a judge’s orders to remain at his mother’s residence in Arizona, Peterson is listed as the “chief coordinator” of a second super PAC, this one in support of Hillary Clinton.

Read on.

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