Canadian black man reported to police as ‘suspicious’ for reading in his car

And this incident happened in Canada not in the US…This is certainly may be becoming a global problem…

A Canadian man was pulled over and questioned by police for “reading while black” for a couple of hours at a seaside wharf, he said.

Louizandre Dauphin, a small New Brunswick’s city’s director of parks, recreation and tourism, wrote on Instagram Thursday that an officer told him a few people in Janeville had reported “a suspicious black man in a white car.” The Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer did not arrest Dauphin or ask any more questions but stopped him long enough to verify his identification, he said.

“So, a black male, sitting in his car, reading a book is suspicious activity,” Dauphin, 33, wrote. “Good to know. At this rate, I may never leave my home again. #DangerousNegro.”

Dauphin had been reading books by C.S. Lewis and the pastor and author Timothy Keller at the Stonehaven Wharf in an effort, he said, “to pacify my mind” after a week marked by police shootings of African-Americans and protests. He shared the story of the encounter in a post with a selfie of him showing his baffled reaction afterward.

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