My Few Minutes of Fame – A PBS Miniseries on Business Ethics

There’s a new documentary in the works in which I had the opportunity to participate just last week.
The three part series, tentatively titled Gray Areas, is in production by WNET, which is the flagship public station of the New York City tri-state area, WNET, the most watched public television  channel in the country. I was honored as they have a reputation for being one of the most respected and innovative PBS stations. Plus, notice I said the New York City tri-state area, home to Wall Street! Which means more attention and more eyes on the perpetrators of some of the most massive fraud we’ve yet experienced in this country.
Gray Areas will use case studies to explore important and serious ethical questions that businesses are faced with today. Mary Ann Rotondi, the award winning producer contactedAdam Waytz, assistant professor of management at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, after reading an article summarizing the Kellogg business caseabout Sherry Hunt’s and my experience at Citigroup, “How Citibank’s Culture Allowed Corruption to Thrive“.  The case won Waytz, and Vasilia Kilibarda, also at Northwestern, an international award for the “Outstanding Case Study on Anti-Corruption,” given by the United Nations Compact Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and Giving Voice to Values (GVV) presented at the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) conference. The Kellogg case, which is currently used in business schools around the world, was referenced in a prior post.
Ms. Rotondi plans on including commentaries from prominent ethics professors from some of our best business schools in an effort to help further the need for an on-going conversation about ethics, responsibility and character (or lack thereof) in the work place. She believes that many of us face and have faced situations similar to mine and Sherry’s at Citigroup.

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