27 year old Essex native to lead Bernie Sanders’ political organization

shannon jackson

As you may or may not know, Bernie Sanders will launch three organizations to spread his progressive message. Now, Sanders has chosen a person in Vermont who direct new organization “Political Revolution.”

Burlington Free Press:

WASHINGTON — Shannon Jackson was an intern in Bernie Sanders’ office when he first volunteered to pick up the senator at the airport.

For the rest of that summer in 2009, Jackson was the Vermont senator’s driver. Now, the 27-year-old from Essex, who has worked full-time for Sanders since 2012, is getting a promotion. He’ll direct a new organization focused on keeping Sanders’ “political revolution” going.

That organization, called Our Revolution, will help recruit, train and fund progressive candidates’ campaigns. Board members of Our Revolution and the education-focused Sanders Institute will include some “old hands.” But they’ll be led by several people under 30 who played integral roles on Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, said Jane Sanders, the senator’s wife and adviser who will oversee the groups.

“The campaign really captured the imagination of young people,” she said. “They (the staffers) were a big part of it. How could they not be part of planning for the future?

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