Standoff? Commission defends debate schedule amid Trump complaints

Stop throwing a tantrum, Donald. Debate Hillary!

 Donald Trump’s campaign is pushing to reschedule two of the presidential debates set for this fall, but the Commission on Presidential Debates, the nonpartisan group responsible for scheduling, is standing firm.

“Our position on the debates is we want as many people, as many voters, to be participants in and to see the debates as possible,” Jason Miller, senior communications adviser with the Trump campaign, said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday.

The campaign is concerned that two of the three presidential debates are set to take place on the same nights as nationally televised NFL games.

The debate scheduling process is always difficult. Debates and football games have overlapped numerous times before, including twice in 2012.

In a statement on Sunday afternoon, the commission indicated that the dates will not be changing: “CPD believes the dates for the 2016 debates will serve the American public well.”

Read on.

Hey, Donald,  Jill Stein is challenging you to debate her:

And Gary Johnson? Well, he is having an upcoming townhall event this week:


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