Elizabeth Warren tweets responses to Trump’s economic plan speech


But for now, Trump did talk about regulations, and how they are suffocating the economy. To prove it, he cited the low homeownership rate, which is in fact at itslowest rate since 1965.

So what will he do about it? He said if he is elected he will immediately stop all new regulations from agencies. During that time, he’ll analyze current regulations and their effect on the economy.

In July, at the Republican National Convention, the Republican Party approved its 2016 party platform, which included changing the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The platform also reiterated several points of the recently released Republican-crafted plan to repeal and replace the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Of course, the architect of Dodd–Frank doesn’t agree with these notions to dismantle it.

And here are some of Sen. Warren’s tweets in response to Trump’s economic plan:


  1. .‘s economics plan is all about helping rich guys like Donald Trump get richer – & leaving everyone else behind.

  2. Even ‘s childcare plan gives billionaires w/ a nanny a tax break while millions of low-income households get nothing.

  3. And taxes? wants billionaires & giant corps to pay EVEN LESS – so there’s less money for ed, infrastructure & research.

  4. Cheating customers & gaming the system might be your business, , but it’s not the way America is going to do business.

  5. Trump gets advice from Bear Stearns’ fmr chief economist. So : did BS need FEWER regs when they helped crash our economy?

  6. W/o rules, , too many huge banks juiced profits by cheating ppl on mortgages, credit cards, etc, then crashed our economy.

  7. A “moratorium” on agency regulations means stopping new rules on shady payday lenders & too-big-to-fail banks, .

  8. “Cut regulations massively,” ? No rules & no accountability means people get ripped off & markets blow up. Remember 2008?

  9. .‘s econ plan was written by rich corporate insider advisors to make the economy even greater for rich corporate insiders.

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