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George Soros Hacked, Over 2,500 Internal Docs Released Online

Can be assessed on DCLeaks website.

Which former NFL star evicted his own mother?


Antonio Cromartie isn’t playing.  That’s right, the former cornerback for theNational Football League is currently out of work as a free agent; and he’s not playing around with his financial position, either.

According to several reports, Cromartie also recently served an eviction to a tenant in a home he purchased. The reason? Nonpayment, of course.

Makes sense, until you realize the tenant is his very own mother.

As noted, Cromartie is out of work, so he wants his mother to start paying the mortgage. He does, TMZ claims, need to prioritize his financial affairs for his own children, of which he has 12.

According to TMZ, “Cro’s mother needs to be out by August 15th … UNLESS she forks over a check for $2,310 in back payment.”