Changing the World. One Student at a Time

The mission of the top ranked (#37 tied, U.S. News and World Report, 2017, #42 Bloomberg Businessweek, 2015) UT Dallas Jindal School full time MBA Program (FTMBA) is to develop cutting edge problem engineers who can think, plan and act strategically to solve complex business problems.
My mission, as their speaker this last week was to instill the criticalness of ethics in business, with the class then going on to formulate their own class code of ethics. No pressure, yet my hope was that I could inspire them to truly understand the fundamental bedrock a code of ethics is to a company.
The 50 students complete their MBA in a 16 month time frame, studying with renowned professors who are well known for their faculty research contributions. The semester starts with Lead Camp, a two week orientation of whirlwind activity which lays the foundation for the students’ career and academic journey. The school also has a connection to many of the Fortune 500 companies which are headquartered in the Dallas Metroplex, which accounts for their 90% placement rate.

In other words, the top achievers who will someday guide the reins of business in the Metroplex and elsewhere are our students.


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