ICYMI: Ocwen given OK to move forward on 17,000 foreclosures

Ocwen Financial got the official go-ahead from the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight to lift the foreclosure sale hold placed on more than 17,000 loans earlier this year after it mailed corrected loan modification denial notices to affected borrowers and provided a sufficient timeframe for the borrower to appeal the denial.

According to the most recent third and fourth quarter 2015 oversight report from Joseph Smith, monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement, “After Ocwen mailed corrected loan modification denial notices to affected borrowers in May 2016 and provided a sufficient timeframe for borrowers to appeal their denials, I permitted Ocwen to lift the foreclosure hold in July 2016.”

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2 responses to “ICYMI: Ocwen given OK to move forward on 17,000 foreclosures

  1. Nov 2 2016

    ocwen is presently (since 9-2013} running ocwen’s scam on me to steal my home from me.
    I just got my “default notice” from them.

    The scam is fairly simple, ocwen starts claiming you have late or missing payments.
    You call them and they never answer any questions… ever. They occasionally refer you to their “research dept”.

    ocwen’s contact phone number on their web site does not even connect you to ocwen loan servicing.

    I first heard of ocwen’s “research dept” approx. 25 phone calls into this mess. That covers approx 4 months. I kept calling back to see if I coould find an ocwen agent that would help me clear up this mess. It became obvious to me ocwen’s agents were all reading from a script when I noticed they ALL said, more or less, exactly the same thing, every time I called. If you ask for a manager they all ignore you. If you get a manager they have a better script but don’t help either.

    One ocwen agent, on the phone, seemed to hesitate as though he was saying something he was not supposed to say when he mentioned a late payment. That was the first time I asked “when did that happen?” He said he did not know. Then he said something confusing and hung up the phone.

    Thus ocwen never clarifies when or what happened so you can never correct it.
    ocwen never, actually, answers any questions.
    ocwen’s agents put on a good show as though they are going to help but never actually help.

    ocwen wants the big payday, your house to sell, not the small amount of money in your bank account. Thus stealing your entire lifes work from you.
    I was astonished to fine out that States like florida and virginia go out of their way to assist ocwen in conducting this scam!

    A judge in the class action suit of 2013 said ocwen has done this to more than 184 thousand Americans.

    I have never had a late or missing house payment in 30 + years..
    ocwen is claiming I have several missed and/or late payments since 2013.
    I asked when those happened and ocwen never answers that question. ocwen refers me to the “research dept”.

    After an agent with a bank told me I may be able to get the info I wanted from ocwen by establishing a ocwen customer account I did that. I got copies of all statements back before ocwen got my loan from GMAC.
    At this point I am 1.2 years into calling ocwen and no answers from any calls to ocwen. Just lots of double talk.
    I did a bit of research myself, by way of ocwen’s web site, and down loaded the info myself. Every loan payment shows on time.

    All of my payments were wired in by my bank. I have provided copies of my bank’s records to ocwen showing all payments were on time and ocwen sends letters stating “our records are correct”. Thus ocwen is saying my bank is lying.
    ocwen always claims “the format of the banks documents are not acceptable”.
    ocwen also asks for individual “receipts” for the wire transfers. There are no receipts since my bank wires the payments because it is easier and faster for them to do it that way. That is what my bank told me, anyhow.

    ocwen never answers any questions I ask. I have sent my questions to ocwen’s “research dept” several times and up to now they have not answered any of them.

    Once I cut $ pasted all the info I had so as to make it comprensible to a 5 year old. ocwen responded that I was trying to trick them.

    Several states have set up special court rooms to help loan companies like ocwen steal your home from you.
    florida even went so far as to give their, forclosure court room a Game show style name florida calls it “The rocket docket”. This is because florida rules against the home owner every 2.2 minutes!!
    In this way florida (among other states) helps companies like ocwen illegally forclose by not verifying the loan companies claims.
    Thus florida and other states are failing to do it’s MORAL responsibility to protect it’s citizens against all kinds of fraud!!
    I sent this to the office of tim kaine, the senator from Va. kaine replied he was too important to waste his time with the welfare of the people that elected him to represent the state of virginia.

    • @ Bob s
      What state are you in?
      Ocwen did this to me September 2016
      All behind my back!
      They’re sneaky scum bags.
      The more and more I read about ocwen it makes me sick!
      And to know our government does not have our backs.
      It’s very upsetting.
      They ruined my life & my family’s life.

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