Wells Fargo scandal should be major campaign issue

The Hill:

Corporate CEOs should have to pay the same price as your common petty thief.

Corporate accountability should not be merely a subject matter for academic journals at prestigious business schools. No, it should be a 2016 campaign issue. Not just at the presidential level, but all the way down the ballot.

Let’s see if Trump and Democratic nominee Clinton have the guts to raise the issue in the first debate on Monday night. Will either one of them name names and name corporations that are abusing their employees and their customers and putting profit over everything else?

Will either one of the candidates running for the highest office in the land pledge to do away with this jail-free sanctuary for corporate criminals? Or will it just be the same old game?

One last point. As a public service, here is a complete list of the Wells Fargo board of directors, with their current and/or former titles as listed on the Wells Fargo website:

John Baker II: executive chairman, FRP Holdings, Inc.
Elaine Chao: former U.S. Secretary of Labor
John Chen: executive chairman and CEO, BlackBerry Limited
Lloyd Dean: president and CEO, Dignity Health
Elizabeth Duke: former member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Susan Engel: retired CEO, Portero, Inc.
Enrique Hernandez Jr.: chairman, president and CEO, Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc.
Donald James: retired chairman, Vulcan Materials Company
Cynthia Milligan: dean emeritus, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Federico Peña: senior adviser, Vestar Capital Partners, and former U.S. Secretary of Energy and former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
James Quigley: CEO emeritus and retired partner at Deloitte
Stephen Sanger: retired chairman, General Mills, Inc.
John Stumpf: chairman and CEO, Wells Fargo & Company
Susan Swenson: chair and CEO, Novatel Wireless, Inc.
Suzanne Vautrinot: president, Kilovolt Consulting, Inc. and retired U.S. Air Force major general and commander

How can you hold them accountable if you don’t know their names?

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