Connecticut Treasurer to Review Wells Fargo Relationships

State Treasurer Denise Nappier will review all of Connecticut’s business relationships with Wells Fargo, as the bank is mired in scandal over bogus accounts. Wells Fargo is leading a bond sale for Connecticut next month; Nappier now says she will appoint Morgan Stanley to partner in managing that sale.

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2 responses to “Connecticut Treasurer to Review Wells Fargo Relationships

  1. Reblogged this on Deadly Clear and commented:
    LOL – like there’s a really big difference between WF, MS and BofA…hardy, har, har!

  2. Cathleen Dodson

    BofA – Date 10.3.16 We got a letter from BofA about charging for a safety deposit box we don’t have. Yes in 2004 we had one and closed it years ago. They confirmed that it was closed in 2007. It’s our fault there was an internal error that did not show we closed it. In 2016 they are just getting around to asking us for the keys, else $150 bucks. Told them to keep the contents because we closed the box. Just another bank trying to get extra fees from the public. PS I filed a complaint with the feds and the person doing the review works for Bank of America. How can that be RIGHT? Bank of America Upper Marlboro MD

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