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Clinton expected to hit Wells Fargo in speech on ‘bad corporate actors’

U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday will unveil a plan to make it easier for consumers to take legal action against “bad corporate actors,” citing Wells Fargo & Co and Mylan Pharmaceuticals, according to a campaign official.

While campaigning in Ohio, the Democratic nominee will explain how she would, if elected on Nov. 8, curb the prevalence of contractual clauses that require consumers, employees and other individuals to resolve legal disputes in private arbitration proceedings instead of in courts, her campaign said. Mandatory arbitration clauses sometimes require that claims be pursued on an individual basis instead of on behalf of a class of similarly situated individuals. Consumer advocates say this makes it prohibitively expensive to take legal action.

Clinton will call on the U.S. Congress to give agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Labor the authority to restrict the use of arbitration clauses in consumer, employment and antitrust agreements, according to a preliminary plan reviewed by Reuters.

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Altisource Residential doubles single-family rental portfolio with $652 million deal

When Altisource Residential said last year that it planned to grow its portfolio of single-family rental homes by 900% – from 2,516 to more than 25,000 – over the next few years, the company apparently wasn’t kidding.

The company disclosed recently that it increased its single-family rental portfolio to nearly 4,000, but that increase pales in comparison to the deal Altisource just announced.

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California Treasurer’s statement on Wells Fargo CEO’s House Committee testimony: He must go

Treasurer website:

September 29, 2016

Contact: Marc Lifsher

SACRAMENTO – ‘Mr. John Stumpf must go. Following-up on last week’s duck, dodge, and deny performance with another listless one has convinced me that Mr. Stumpf is not — and will never be — the change agent leader Wells Fargo so desperately needs.

‘Wells Fargo has a storied history as old and golden as California. The two grew-up together during the pioneering Gold Rush era. But today, the wheels have fallen off the bank’s trademark stagecoach. Under Mr. Stumpf’s watch, a culture emerged allowing greed to consume integrity. Wells Fargo now serves itself, not its customers. At today’s hearing, he offered no credible explanations and, importantly, no believable path back.

‘Wells Fargo’s “clawbacks” of $41 million in compensation to Mr. Stumpf is an insult to its 5,300 low-wage workers who took the fall and now stand in unemployment lines. It’s an affront to the bank’s legions of fleeced customers. Specifically, the $41 million is comprised of unvested stock options, his 2016 bonus, and some small fraction of his $2.8 million 2016 base salary. What about the tens of millions of dollars in vested stocks, bonuses, salary and retirement compensation earned during the multiple years in which his bank ripped-off its own customers?

‘If he wants to plead a case to remain at the reins of Wells Fargo, let him begin with returning every nickel in ill-gotten gains.’

The entire board include Stumpf need a refresher course in history on who created Wells Fargo:

  • 1852: Henry Wells and William G. Fargo (Mayor of Buffalo, NY from 1862 to 1863 and again from 1864 to 1865), the two founders of American Express, formed Wells Fargo & Company to provide express and banking services to California.