Wells Fargo whistleblower tried to warn company years ago

DES MOINES, Iowa —A Wells Fargo whistleblower who said she tried to warn the company years ago has a friend in Des Moines telling the same story.

The Chicago City Council approved Monday a one-year suspension for Wells Fargo from city business because of its scandal over phony accounts, joining the states of Illinois and California in punishing the bank.

A former coworker of the whistleblower said she is proud information on the company came to light, but sad so many Wells Fargo workers were fired for doing what they felt was necessary to keep their jobs.

Danita Doris said she only lasted a year at the Wells Fargo branch in St. Helena, California because of daily sales pressure.

Her co-worker was Yesenia, the whistleblower who claims she first alerted the Wells Fargo seven years ago about fake accounts forced on unsuspecting customers.

“I’m frustrated that it’s A, taken so long to come to light, and B, that all the higher ups are acting surprised,” Doris said.

Doris said even as a teller the pressure to meet a daily quota was immense, and she and others often participated in helping co-workers meet their goals.

“I would say (I had) 10 different accounts, 15 different accounts,” Doris said.

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