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Mortgage mistake nearly leads to foreclosure

A mortgage mistake nearly cost a St. Charles County woman her home. Credit: KMOV


A mortgage mistake nearly cost a St. Charles County woman her condo.

Kathleen Rasmussen claims she paid Texas based Nationstar each month.

“I don’t want to lose the roof over my head, I should not be in foreclosure.”

Rasmussen provided News 4 with letters from Nationstar along with returned checks intended to pay her mortgage.

“I don’t understand why they keep sending it back to me.”

A Kansas City law firm representing Nationstar sent Rasmussen a letter saying their office would “commence foreclosure proceedings.”

After trying to resolve the issue on  her own, Rasmussen contacted News 4 Investigates.

“We’re going round and round in circles and we’re not getting anywhere,” she said.

A Nationstar representative followed up with Rasmussen immediately after hearing from News 4. Rasmussen said, “right after that the VP of Nationstar called me and wanted to settle it right away.

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More fallout in the Wells Fargo fake account scandal: San Francisco supervisors to push for city and county to cut ties with the bank


Before Ohio, the city of Chicago, the state of California, and the state of Oregon all suspended ties with Wells Fargo in the wake of the scandal.

And now, two members of the legislative body that oversees the city and county where Wells Fargo is headquartered want the city to suspend any business with Wells Fargo as well.

To that end, two members of San Francisco’s board of supervisors, John Avalos and Jane Kim, plan to introduce a motion on Tuesday morning that would direct the city and county of San Francisco to cut business ties with Wells Fargo.

The supervisors will introduce the motion during press conference Tuesday morning on the steps of San Francisco city hall, and will be joined by representatives from theAlliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, the California Reinvestment Coalition and CalPIRG.

Additionally, San Francisco Treasurer José Cisneros will take part in the press conference.

In the wake of the Wells Fargo fake account scandal and fine, Cisneros removed Wells Fargo from the city’s “Bank On” program, which helps to connect thousands of low-income consumers each year to “safe, accessible and low-fee accounts at credit unions and responsible banks.”