Money Manager Thinks “High-Decibel” Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Know Her Place

“HIGH-DECIBEL” SEN. Elizabeth Warren doesn’t know her place, according to a Friday New York Times op-ed.

Roger Lowenstein, the journalist-turned-chairman of the Sequoia mutual fund, criticizes Warren, “the nation’s unelected regulatory czar,” for being too outspoken about the financial industry. At one point, Lowenstein condemns her for “painting bankers with as broad a brush as Donald J. Trump uses to demean Muslims.”

For the record, Warren has not called for all bankers to be barred from entry into the United States “until we figure out what’s going on.”

Lowenstein first disparages Warren for calling for the termination of Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White for “failing to have the SEC draft rules requiring corporations to disclose details of their political spending.”

While it is terribly uppity of a senator to have a perspective on a public policy issue, the corporate political spending rule is only one of Warren’s criticisms of White.

Read on.


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