Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman letting both James Comey and Trump have it over Clinton email developments

Oct 28

prosecutor letting both James Comey and Donald Trump have it over today’s Hillary Clinton email developments:



And here is the letter that James Comey sent to Congress. Click here. And it is interesting that Comey didn’t include the ranking members (which are the Democrats) on the committee. Certainly, Comey needs to come clean with the public since it revealed that the FBI has reviewed yet the supposed emails connected to Clinton. 

Lastly, there has been so much chatter about Comey’s political party affliation. Yes, he was a life long Republican but not anymore.That was announced in July. So, what party did Comey switched to? He didn’t reveal, but I suspect that Comey registered as a non-political party affilitation. That way, no one will know who he votes for.

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