Iceland’s Election Draws 79%Turnout. The US? Not So Much.

Iceland just held a fine election, in which candidates from across the political spectrum competed for power in voting that produced big advances for the direct-democracy advocates of the Pirate Party and the radical Left-Green Movement. But the Independence Party, which is described as “center-right” but supports LGBTQ rights and promises to maintain most of the welfare state, gained the most votes. No party won a majority, so now the various and sundry partisans are scrambling to form coalitions that could lean right or could lean left.

But that is not the news that Americans should focus on.

The news from Iceland is that 79.2 percent of the electorate participated in Saturday’s voting.

That’s not an astronomical number by international standards–Belgium frequently tops 90 percent turnout. But it is wildly better than anyone anticipates the United States will muster in next week’s voting for president and control of the US Senate and House of Representatives.

Read on.


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