Class Fights Back in Trump’s Bid to Delay Trump U Fraud Trial

SAN DIEGO (CN) – Former Trump University students did not mince words in an opposition filed Monday regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s request to delay trial of the class action against his former real estate school, calling the request a “slippery slope” and arguing his election win does not change the legal standard for moving the case forward.

Citing the need to prepare for becoming president, Donald Trump filed a formal request with a federal judge Saturday that asks to delay the first Trump University trial.

“This is an unprecedented circumstance,” Trump’s lead attorney Daniel Petrocelli wrote in an ex parte application for a continuance.

Trump is the first person ever elected U.S. president while facing class action lawsuits accusing him of fraud.

In their 12-page response filed Monday, Sonny Low and the other plaintiffs scoffed at Trump’s insistence the trial be delayed until after his Jan. 20 inauguration. The plaintiffs said Trump should not require an additional opportunity to record his testimony since he already did so on two separate occasions, totaling more than 10 hours of videotaped sworn testimony that can be used during the trial.

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