Trump ‘doesn’t respect’ Jamie Dimon, not considering him for Treasury, source says

Hold off on the balloons and cake for Jamie. He’s off of Trump’s list.

It’s probably safe to say that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon won’t be the treasury secretary after all.

Wall Street has been abuzz for the past two weeks with speculation that the 60-year-old head of the largest U.S. bank by assets would run the Treasury Department for President-elect Donald Trump. CNBC reported on Nov. 10 that advisers close to Trump were suggesting Dimon for the vital Cabinet role.

However, a source speaking to NBC News said a Dimon appointment is not going to happen.

In fact, Trump “doesn’t respect” Dimon, the source said, adding that the bank chief “was never under consideration” for the appointment and was not on “any Trump-approved list.”

That may be just as well considering that the sources who initially spoke to CNBC had indicated Dimon wasn’t interested anyway.

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4 responses to “Trump ‘doesn’t respect’ Jamie Dimon, not considering him for Treasury, source says

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    Told ya! Thank Goodness.

  2. Ha ha it will be somebody WORSE!

  3. Remember something all of that wikileaks (and trust me only a fraction of the most damaging went out) wasn’t from hacking it was from employees of government agencies and banks that after watching the horrific things done to me and others when we followed all the rules escalating and the law and not only our jobs but it has been never ending for us and our families. It has become the only crime in banking and government agencies is following the law. Some is mixed it the 650k already there and I have seen more (remember somehow I ended up whistleblower centeral for government and bank whistleblowers years ago I have a new appreciation for “ignorance is bliss”) And you will fully understand why you have only heard 20% of my case and how many zeros there really were and are in it and the tens of millions of people already defrauded or about to be because it is all still on the books and ongoing. Wait until you see the price that was paid and to whom to lie to the OCC, all 50 AG’s every judge and lawyer in this country and well basically the world. Now there is a problem finally about 6 months ago I woke up some members of Congress and they made some people at the SEC and FDIC do their jobs and nearly had a heart attack. See what you guys aren’t looking at with the various regulators (and the CFPB as it was origionally written by Elizabeth Warren was right but a lot of the 29000 regulatory rule changes they didn’t regulate the banks or help consumers they decriminalized and deregulated the most dangerous parts for all consumers, employees, investors, taxpayers and the economy. Worse than pay to play is get paid to play. And because the CFPB and SEC was made the point place that was supposed to be then working together with and sharing everything not only from my case but hundreds of others the evidence, testimony and information to the OCC, FTC and AG’s they all changed cases from securities laws and criminal to civil consumer protection which were the effects not the root causes or crimes. And right now as I also have proven all of this FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA etc. it intentional and they knowing have parts of systems off and allowing it because then all the consumers attorneys and judges run aroung on the petty civil consumer protection stuff that they can’t really do anything or be held accountable for. It is the equivelent to if after all was found out with Bernie Madoff there being a new government agency that said hey pay this price and we will change it all to only petty theft of shoplifting a candy bar as a kid. And doing the same with Ken Lay and Jeffrey Shilling from Enron. And Jamie is in suck up mode because he knows that me and others didn’t hand over the originals and all copies of everything to the SEC and CFPB and have all continued to watch, track and analyze since then because it does impact all consumers, employees, investors, taxpayers and the whole economy and that isn’t only us we know that is everyone we know family, friends, and our kids and grandkids futures. And it is also all of your kids and grandkids futures too more than you could ever imagine. So that new CFPB debt collection plan me and some other experts are adding a lot to it that we know they have and was in place and functioning in 2005 and they will never willingly admit to it or turn it back on because it creates transparency and makes fraud against consumers nearly impossible for first parties and third parties. I have worked hard actually trying to get some of the bank whistleblowers and regulator whistleblowers to hold back and not use wikileaks or the two others desperate employees (many of them government attorneys too but some of this is that serious) and as they all say they are waiting for the changing of the guard and the legal and judicial system to be restored so they can do their jobs and follow the law. Remember I have always said there is good and bad in every company, government agencly including any politicians, bankers, financial services employees, lawyers and every kind, police, doctors, clergy etc.. Always has been and always will be but they are the smallest percentage no matter the industry, even country or anything and it has and always will be that way. But when you make it so that the worst of the worst is rewarded and publicly and not only not held accountable but government sanctioned permission to continue and it is also publicly shown for years that following the law and not intentionally committing crimes or refusing to participate is and instant lifetime sentance to them and their families how much do you think the shift is to breaking every law in the book and much more than in 2008? I can’t hold anyone back any more and they all plan on in January the flood gates are opening and no one will be silenced anymore and the get out of jail free cards that have been available for sale with the SEC and CFPB and void and null. All of those settlements and fines which only put in the minor petty stuff in the concent orders don’t mean a thing first most never followed and mostly the criminal law violations and the serious ones all under jurisdiction of the OCC (and everyone needs to learn for all national banks now and has always been they are the only ones with jurisdiction or even capable or with the tools and resources for all of the serious laws and secutities violations for all mortgages, forecloures, credit cards and from sales and origination all the way to foreclosure collections and litigation and all of sarbanes oxley (which all cases can only be in Federal Court and NONE are civil consumer protection law items although the crimes and violations withing SOX you see the effects in consumer protection law. So attorneys on all sides of anything banking first party or third party from sales and origination to everything in litigation or foreclosre collections etc. might want to think about just not jumping on any band wagons supporting anything government agencies, laws or people because when everything hits and goes public in January all the consumer clients for the last eight years are going to be out for blood and they actually have very good reason and legal standing to initiate what is going to be a litigation war and let it be against the right people and places and not against all of the consumer attorneys because being the CFPB cheerleaders right now and those of us that know the truth and have seen or provided evidence it will only make you appear to be knowing co-conspirators. And Jamie is dreaming he had that deal with Clinton and paid a lot to buy that job but is dream is about to turn into his worst nightmare as not only be but thousands of current and former Chase employees are telling all about him personally and the truth as to what is going on there. And Trump I think loves whistleblowers now !! The only thing Jamie Dimon should be asking or begging Trump for is a pardon.

  4. And Trump should not pardon him! He should prosecute him .

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