The appointment of Xavier Becerra as incoming CA AG and its importance in resisting the Trump agenda

Smart move.. Nice…

California’s incoming attorney general, Congressman Xavier Becerra, is poised to lead states resisting the Trump administration.

On Monday, the first day of the new legislative session in the unofficial capital of liberal America, California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon was defiant in his opposition to Donald Trump. “Unity must be separated from complicity,” Rendon thundered. “Californians do not need healing. We need to fight.”

The legislature kicked off that fight with a mostly symbolic resolution urging Trump “to not pursue mass deportation strategies” that one lawmaker likened to ethnic cleansing. Other bills introduced Monday seek to fund grants for legal representation for immigrants facing deportation, train public defenders in immigration cases, prohibit state agencies from delivering information that could be used to create a registry of Muslim Americans, force any border wall in environmentally sensitive areas to obtain voter approval, and terminate contracts with privately run immigrant detention facilities.

But despite the whirlwind of action, the leader of the state’s resistance against Trump will possibly not work in the Capitol rotunda but in the state’s Department of Justice.

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown tapped Congressman Xavier Becerra for attorney general, an appointment made necessary after current AG Kamala Harris won election to the Senate. This may be the most vital appointment of the transition period, and it wasn’t even Trump’s. The California attorney general is well-positioned to thwart the conservative agenda, a model we’ve seen in reverse throughout the Obama administration.

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