Stepping into a looking glass into the land of uncertainty on January 20 2017

By Biloxi

The soon-to-be Presidency of Donald Trump reminds me of Alice of Wonderland when Alice steps through the looking glass into a land that looks vaguely familiar and where nothing actually makes sense.

Nothing makes makes sense in the soon-to-be Trump Administration where the next guy to head the EPA doesn’t believe in saving the environment,where the next guy to head HUD lied about living in public housing, where Trump’s top adviser’s stated goal is the destruction of the Republican Party and if necessary, the nation, where the top oil company CEO who has close ties to Russia, is the frontrunner for Secretary of State. As secretary of state, Tillerson would be fourth in line to the presidency., where one  of the Senate’s most obstructionist and harmful voices on issues affecting immigrants, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos, women and the LGBTQ community is chosen as DOJ head, where the next guy to head U.S. Treasury is  former Goldman Sachs and profited from the housing crisis, where the next Commerce head, with no government experience, owns a private equity firm, where the next guy could lead the Energy agency is the former Texas governor and former Presidential candidate who famously forgot the third federal department he wanted to abolish during a 2011 presidential debate.

To summarize and bottom line: Trump Presidency, a cabinet run for and by Wall Street and big oil (with a neocon backdrop) with a handful of veteran generals thrown in and with a very controlled media outlet. Welcome to Trump’s Gotham.


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