Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin pull their money out of Wells Fargo to support NoDAPL



Just days before the holidays, Jane Fonda joined a political movement in support of the NoDAPL protests by heading to Wells Fargo to close her account.

On December 21, the actress, writer, and activist celebrated her 79th birthday by supporting Standing Rock and joined a large protest, the destination of which was a local Wells Fargo branch. Fonda, who had been contemplating closing her account for some time decided that it would make the biggest statement to do so during the protest.

Unfortunately for Fonda, the bank had advance notice of the group’s arrival and blocked Fonda’s entrance.

Speaking with TYT Politics, Fonda said that she was motivated to take part in the protest because it was being held on her birthday, and on the Winter Solstice.

Fonda’s actions are in line with recent political moves by opponents of the pipeline who have moved to remove their money from corporate banks who fund the Dakota Access Pipeline and others like it.

Advocates urge supporters to close their big bank accounts and move to smaller, customer-owned credit unions in order to make a political statement.

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