Calif. Firms Join Forces in Employee RICO Suit Against Wells Fargo

Amid a flurry of lawsuits and government probes spinning out from Wells Fargo & Co.’s fake-accounts scandal, a group of California plaintiffs lawyers teamed up this week to bring a new employment suit, looking to test out an expanded set of legal theories.

Los Angeles-based lawyer Jonathan Delshad joined forces with a trio of other plaintiffs firms in California—Schonbrun Seplow Harris & Hoffman of Venice, McCracken Stemerman & Holsberry of San Francisco and Pessah Law Group of Los Angeles—to bring a proposed class action on behalf of former Wells Fargo employees.

The new suit, filed Dec. 27 in Oakland federal court, follows an earlier class action complaintin California state court that Delshad brought in September. Both are grounded in similar allegations that Wells Fargo set unreasonably aggressive sales goals for low-level employees and that, in turn, employees often wound up using fake customer contact information to open new accounts and meet sales quotas.

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