Trump To Gut Dodd-Frank Because His Friends Can’t Get Loans



Crooks and Liars:


Donald Trump held a meeting with business leaders Friday morning and told the world that he’s going to gut Dodd/Frank because his best buddies can’t get business loans.

Trump praised JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon, a member of his economic advisory board, during the meeting and then set his sights on Dodd-Frank, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Trump talked about cutting taxes and then said, “…and to do what we have to do in terms of regulation. We have some of the bankers here, there’s nobody better to tell me about Dodd/Frank than Jamie.”

He continued, “We expect to cut a lot out of Dodd/Frank because frankly I have so many people, friends of mine, who have nice businesses, they can’t borrow money because the banks just won’t let them borrow because of rules and regulations and Dodd/Frank, so we’ll be talking about that in terms of the banking industry.”


2 responses to “Trump To Gut Dodd-Frank Because His Friends Can’t Get Loans

  1. Without Dodd Frank the banks will fail. Right now they use it as a crutch why they (banks) can’t loan and perform. Roll DF back and all the debt will come crashing down and expose the TBTF are unable to pass their living will tests. It will then allow Congress to break up the banks. As you know, Trump is pro Glass-Steagall. Those in gov’t that oppose it are likely part of or paid off by the cabal. It still exists in both parties… they raise their ugly heads and oppose everything and it’s easy to pick them out.

    Y’all gotta think like a Fox instead of a jack rabbit.

  2. And no one is talking about Citigroup exiting from mortgage servicing in 2018. Citigroup was the bank that was TBIF in the 2008 crash which is why Geithner was in the U.S. Treasury to protect Citigroup.
    Trump was never pro or anti Glass Steagall. Trump is for Trump. His interest is only for his business and what benefit his business. All you do is connect the dots in this gutting of the Dodd- Frank and see which bank rise and fall from this and which bank which benefit Trump’s business ties. All eyes will be on Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo which are the major banks in which President Trump has major debt with. And I will be keeping my eye on the bankruptcy law if Trump decides to change the law for companies.

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