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Fired VP of Wells Fargo branch files whistleblower lawsuit against bank

After news broke last fall that Wells Fargo was caught creating fake accounts in the names of unsuspecting customers, the banking giant fired more than 5,000 employees, saying management was unaware these workers were gaming the system in order to meet performance quotas.

But Marc Tupler, a former vice president at the Santa Fe Wells Fargo branch on Washington Avenue at Paseo de Peralta, says his superiors knew exactly what was happening. Now he claims in a lawsuit that he was fired for raising the issue with his supervisors.

His suit in state District Court alleges wrongful discharge, malicious breach of contract, and intentional infliction of mental and emotional distress.

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Fired U.S. Attorney Bharara listening to fired U.S. Attorney David Iglesias’ testimony to the Senate committee 10 years ago

And who can forget the 8 U.S. Attorneys that were fired by the Bush Administration. And now 46 U.S. Attorneys including Preet Bharara  fired by the Trump Administration. Bharara will be a lost to New York who has been known to be be tough on Wall Street.