In run-up to Wells Fargo scandal, her boss warned: ‘You’re going to be working your tail off’

When Mary Mack took on the biggest job of her career last summer, she only hesitated for a moment.

Mack, at the time head of Wells Fargo’s brokerage unit, was preparing to leave in 48 hours for an Alaskan vacation with her husband, when then-President Tim Sloan called to ask if she wanted to instead lead community banking. Mack asked Sloan if it meant she’d have to reschedule or miss part of the excursion, which had been on her husband’s “bucket list.”

“Tim said, ‘No, take your vacation. Enjoy it. Because you’re going to be working your tail off when you get back,’” Mack said Friday during a speaking appearance at a Hood Hargett Breakfast Club gathering at Quail Hollow Club.

Mack took on her new role in July, replacing retiring community banking head Carrie Tolstedt right before Wells Fargo in September would become mired in a sales scandal andfined $185 million by authorities and regulators. Mack, 54, now reports directly to Sloan, who became CEO when John Stumpf stepped down in the scandal’s wake.

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