Ex-DNC chair’s office may have attempted ‘unsolicited contact’-new court filing

Aventura Office

19200 West Country Club Drive
Aventura, FL 33180
Phone: 305-936-5724
Fax: 305-932-9664



Source: https://wassermanschultz.house.gov/contact/.

The call comes from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s district office and the person uses voice changer according to the phone number from the caller ID that was captured from the Notice of Filing by the plaintiffs’ attorneys on page 6.And who is that person who called? This is pretty bad.This case has gotten strange. The judge in this case has his work cut out. Regardless, the court will likely investigate where the call came from:

And the Defendants filed response. Wasserman’s attorneys deny the call was made from her office and that they have referred the matter to the U.S. Capitol Police to investigate possible fraud in someone trying to impersonate Wasserman Schultz’s office:http://jampac.us/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/56-D.E.-56-Ds-Reply-to-Ps-NOF-Email-6-2-17.pdf


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