Daily Archives: May 3, 2018

Wells Fargo accused in suit over suspected fraud

Jonalin Depakakibo has something to add to the long list of consumer and regulatory grievances against Wells Fargo Bank, which was slammed last month with a $1 billion fine for consumer abuses in its auto-lending and mortgage businesses.

The resident of Bridgeport, Montgomery County, fell prey in March to a “government-grant scam,” after a fraudster hijacked a coworker’s Facebook Messenger app and convinced Depakakibo to deposit a $6,700 membership fee into a Wells Fargo account — under the name Adeboye Oresanya — to get a $155,567 grant.

Within an hour of making that deposit at Wells Fargo’s King of Prussia branch on March 5 and after talking to other coworkers about whether they had gotten the grant, she realized she had been duped and rushed back to the bank to alert bank personnel of the suspected fraud and to see whether she could get her money back. It was still in the account.

She said she got promises of help through a fraud alert, but no action.

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