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Kansas Family Has Accounts Frozen by Bank of America After Being Asked About Citizenship Status

A Kansas family said their bank accounts were frozen by Bank of America after officials ask they prove they were American citizens.

Josh Collins, of Roeland Park, received in June a form letter in the mail from Bank of America that asked a series of personal questions, including if he were an American citizen or had dual citizenship with another country, he told The Kansas City Star.

Collins’ wife, Jessica Salazar Collins, threw out the letter after she and her husband wrote it off as “a scam.”

Collins, who had held an account with Bank of America for 20 years, was born in Wichita, Kansas. Salazar Collins was born in Kansas City, Missouri, tracing her

roots back in the U.S. two generations, as her great-grandfather emigrated from Mexico.

Then last Tuesday, the family found they couldn’t access their money.

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