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Bank of America issues apology to Spring Hill family after account closure

Bank of America has issued an apology to Spring Hill resident Benjamin Atria Aguirre following the closure of his checking account amidst allegations of discrimination, saying that it was simply a case of “human error.”

Atria Aguirre noticed on August 29 that his checking account was inaccessible. He was not notified until August 31 that his checking account had been closed, and that a check with the remaining balance had been sent in the mail.

Atria Aguirre’s checking account was fully restored on September 4, however, as it was near the end of the month, the closure caused some difficulties in paying mortgage and bills. Bank of America has said they will cover any late fees Atria Aguirre incurred because of the account closure.

It wasn’t until a friend of Atria Aguirre forwarded him a news articlethat detailed reports of other Bank of America customers having their accounts closed or frozen after being asked to provide proof of citizenship, that Atria Aguirre suspected that the cause of his account closure might be more than just human error.

Atria Aguirre has been a green card holder in the United States since 2012, after meeting his American-born wife, Sharra Luke, in a business class in his native country of Chile and moving to the United States.

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