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Trump vows to reopen Trump University if he becomes president

Lol! Yup, he wants to resurrect Trump University with his family to run the University if he elected President. Trump will certainly expand his businesses while using the resources of the government as President.

Trump University may rise from the dead in Donald Trump’s America.

The Republican front-runner said in his victory speech Tuesday night that once he becomes president and wins the suits against Trump University, his family will resurrect the program. “If I become president that means Ivanka, Don, Eric and my family will start it up,” he said. “We have a lot of great people who want to get back into Trump University, it’s going to do very well and it will continue to do very well.”

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Former Michigan Governor and Clinton Advisor Granholm Claims Clinton Said She’ll Release Wall Street Speech Transcripts

We are back to will she or or will she not release the Wall Street transcripts?


Free Beacon:

MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart challenged Granholm on the issue again Wednesday, wondering why Clinton couldn’t be fully transparent with regard to her speeches.

“It’s the perception that she just can’t say, ‘Here it is, clear as water, you see this,’” Diaz-Balart said.

“You know she’s said she would release the transcripts,” Granholm said. “These are not private meetings. These are public meetings. As you know, you’ve spoken in groups–”

“But I’ve never seen them,” Diaz-Balart said. “I don’t get a shot at those transcripts.”

“My point is you’ve got hundreds of people who are at these speeches, right?” Granholm said. “The bottom line is if you think that they got something, then bring it out and show it, because what they got in exchange for that was the toughest Wall Street plan of any candidate.”

“If that’s the case, then I would like to see everything,” Diaz-Balart said. “It behooves everybody to do that, because it takes away a talking point.”

I’m sorry Ms. Granholm. Ms. Clinton said on MSNBC show Morning Joe a couple of weeks ago that she will not release her Wall Street private speeches. And I will not be surprised if this subject is brought up again to Clinton in tonight’s Democratic Presidential debate.

The lobbyists who love Bernie Sanders

Nearly two-dozen professional influencers have donated to anti-lobbyist candidate

Public Integrity:

You might not think the National Cannabis Industry Association, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and National Mining Association have much in common.

But they have this: Lobbyists for these organizations have donated money to the presidential campaign of Democrat Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist who has regularly castigated special interests and the government influence industry.

In fact, nearly two-dozen federally registered lobbyists have given money to Sanders’ presidential campaign, according to a Center for Public Integrityreview of campaign finance records and data obtained from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Sanders has painted himself as a different kind of politician, running a different kind of campaign.

When he launched his presidential bid last May, he proclaimed: “Today, we stand here and say loudly and clearly that enough is enough. This great nation and its government belong to all of the people, and not to a handful of billionaires, their super PACs and their lobbyists.”

It’s a theme Sanders has revisited time and again — on the campaign trail, in advertisements and during debates against front-runner Hillary Clinton.

But unlike President Barack Obama, who refused campaign contributions from registered lobbyists, Sanders’ campaign confirmed it does not ban lobbyists from making contributions — even as Sanders has called on the Democratic Party to maintain a ban, implemented by Obama, on lobbyists giving to the Democratic National Committee.

Campaign officials declined to say whether Sanders would return, or otherwise dispose of, contributions received from registered lobbyists. They also declined to say whether the campaign would change its policy regarding donations from registered lobbyists.

NYC Wall Street Protest Planned to Call on Hillary Clinton to Release Transcripts of Goldman Sachs Speeches

Activists from the Occupy Wall Street movement will join a broad coalition of Bernie Sanders supporters Wednesday to march on Wall Street in New York City and demand Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton release the transcripts of speeches she gave to financial giant Goldman Sachs.

Protesters will gather on the steps of the Federal building at 11:30 a.m. and march to the Trump Building on Wall Street until 1 p.m.

Two groups that support Sanders’ bid for the White House—Latinos for Bernie and Veterans for Bernie—will attend the event in an official capacity and join other Sanders supporters as well as Occupy Wall Street activists in carrying signs and banners that read “#ReleaseTheTranscripts.”

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Brooklyn Supreme Court faces backlog of nearly 12,000 foreclosure cases in the hands of just three judges

Nearly a decade after the start of America’s historic housing crash, the nightmare continues for forgotten homeowners behind in their mortgage.

The list of pending home foreclosures before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Noach Dear on Tuesday morning was enough to take your breath away.

Around 11:30 a.m., a clerk in Dear’s packed courtroom at 360 Adams St. announced the cases still to be heard.

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Donald Trump turns his press conference into an infomercial featuring Trump wine, steaks, and water


Trump wines, water, and steaks on display at the Trump press conference tonight.

And certainly Trump has turned his victory lap of winning Tuesday’s Michigan and Mississippi primary wins to being a pitch salesman of his name products i.e. Trump Winery, Trump steak, and Trump water. Thank goodness I didn’t see Trump toilet paper.

Cartoon says it all


A stunner and shocker. Congrats to Sanders on the win in Michigan and congrats to Clinton on the win in Mississippi. The losers were the media as usual with their poll. They were so wrong about Clinton winning the Michigan. The people went out a vote. The issues matter in Michigan and Mississippi. Media concentrated on race in Michigan especially the black vote, but failed to mention about the city of Dearborn where a majority of muslims live there. Majority of the muslims in Dearborn voted for Sanders. Despite what happens in this race, Sanders is in it for the long hall and changing the conversation and issues in the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, Clinton’s fib on Sanders’ record on voting against the auto bailout did her in. I hope more facts and less fibs from both Clinton and Sanders of issues is in the next debates and on the campaign trail.