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Miserable Wells Fargo employees say they’ve been denied bathroom breaks



Senate hearings, which revealed a high-pressure sales culture at the bank that pushed low-level employees into questionable practices, are now zeroing in on whether Wells Fargo intimidated (paywall) fired employees who tried to blow the whistle (paywall).

Apparently, things haven’t much improved for some of the rank-and-file staffers remaining at Wells Fargo, who say top executives continue to intimidate them and shift blame for the bank’s mismanagement. Among the claims: Employees are still being denied bathroom breaks, an allegation that a former banker lodged at the company at a recent hearing about the scandal at a California State Assembly hearing. “I’ve been harassed, intimidated, written up and denied bathroom breaks,” Nathan Todd Davis said, after driving 350 miles from his home to speak at the hearing. Davis said he filed 50 ethics complaints over his ten-year stint at the company, to no avail.

A call center employee in California told CNNMoney that she and her colleagues are still not permitted to go to the bathroom without a doctor’s note, unless they are on a scheduled break.

“The new CEO has no impact here in the trenches. People here are angry…feeling very dehumanized,” the employee, named Rebecca, told CNNMoney (she declined to use her last name for fear of retaliation). “Wells Fargo can give $120 million to a crooked CEO—but won’t allow us to pee.”