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San Marino, Calif., residents want dog-poop slinging mayor to resign

San Marino, Calif., residents want dog-poop slinging mayor to resign

I had to laugh at this story. But then again, people are taken control on deciding who they want to keep in office or boot out of office. 

The mayor of San Marino, a wealthy California town, has really stepped in it this time.

Residents of the wealthy enclave, a suburb of Los Angeles, are pressuring their mayor to resign after he was caught on camera tossing a bag of dog poop into the lawn of a political opponent, according to the Associated Press.

Residents criticized the mayor during a City Council meeting on Wednesday, asking that he step down for embarrassing the town and its residents.

Mayor Dennis Kneier was cited by police for littering, which can carry a fine of up to $1,000, after the homeowner, Philip Lao, recognized the mayor on surveillance footage and called police. He later apologized

The mayor said he found a bag of dog feces on a parkway last Saturday and tossed it onto the front walkway of a home.

The Onion nails it…


From the satire newspaper, The Onion.


$80,000 Attorneys Fee Award to Homeowner in Foreclosure Case

$80,000 Attorneys Fee Award to Homeowner in Foreclosure Case

After being forced to admit in deposition that “HSBC Does Not Hold Any Notes”, HSBC will pay $80,000 in attorneys fees for a foreclosure case brought against Charles Hall and defended by attorney Mark Cullen in Palm Beach County, FL. The agreed order is available below.


John McCain contradicts John McCain on Iraq victory



That was John McCain’s tweet at 9:01 PM – 18 Aug 2010. And what is McCain saying now? On Thursday, McCain called for the resignation of Obama’s national security team and rebuked Obama for calling the withdrawal of troops from Iraq a “victory.” McCain shouldn’t comment on anything. He should represent his home state and leave it at that. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.