Retired Florida Judge Dresnick Sued for Work in Foreclosure Case

Retired Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Ronald Dresnick is facing a lawsuit for allegedly acting without jurisdiction in a foreclosure case when he was on the bench.

Dresnick, now a partner with Kluger Kaplan, entered a $2.37 million final judgment in 2013 for the defunct BankUnited FSB against mortgagor Doris McNulty. The property’s current titleholder now alleges Dresnick entered the judgment without a trial on the merits and away from the foreclosure division.

Coral Gables-based BankUnited filed the foreclosure action against McNulty in 2006. Three years later, the federal government shut down the bank and named the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. as receiver. The newly chartered BankUnited N.A. acquired the assets and most of the liabilities of the closed bank.

Cesar Balbin got the title from McNulty in a 2011 settlement after lending her $580,000 as a purchase-money mortgage.

Dresnick presided over Balbin’s case against McNulty, and Balbin repeatedly filed to have Dresnick disqualified for allowing “BankUnited counsel to run the show.”

Balbin also claimed Dresnick made erroneous decisions, such as labeling Balbin’s complaint against McNulty a “sham” and allowing a default against McNulty in the foreclosure case to stand, “even though the plaintiff admitted that they had mailed the motion to the wrong address.”

Now Balbin is claiming Dresnick helped commit fraud on the court and civil rights violations. In his Nov. 4 complaint, Balbin alleges Dresnick ruled in the foreclosure action without BankUnited producing the relevant mortgage note. The FDIC has the note because it’s the receiver for BankUnited FSB, Balbin claims.

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3 responses to “Retired Florida Judge Dresnick Sued for Work in Foreclosure Case

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  2. What a tangled web we weave when you attempt to deceive. Once you lie, you must lie more to cover up the original lies. Judges better take notice, this will happen a lot more if they continue behaving in the manner they have gotten accustomed.

  3. We’ve been denied our right to court twice and the banks that stole our home have never provided a blue ink copy of a mortgage contract with us, because they don’t have one. Lots of criminal violations have happened over this. We’re not done and will be trying yet again to get into court. The ones that stole our home actually used a man’s name on a recent document and he died years ago. These crooked or inept judges need to be fired and prosecuted! The lawyers involved in these scams need the same. Bankers should be sent to jail as well. I don’t see how they keep getting away with it after so many cases have finally made it to court and been won.

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